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‘La Costiera Divina’, The Divine Coast, as the Amalfi Coast, a seductive stretch of coastline lying slinkily on the southern end of the ‘shin’ of the Italian boot, is also known. And aptly named so as this was the playground of the gods! (their myth and mystery still endure…)

Today’s playground is the pearl of the Amalfi Coast: Positano.   It is here that the cooking school, ‘La Cucina Divina’, is located.   Positano is a magnet to both international and fellow Italian visitors. It is a fantasy destination that grabs ahold of you, forever its captive, an enchanting dream from which there is no escape, one filled with romantic light, heady nights and gastronomic delights!   What more perfect place to immerse oneself in southern Italian cuisine!  Just one bite of anything here is enough to swoop you away, as if in Bacchus’ magical panther-drawn chariot to an other-worldly dimension!  Foodies and seasoned traveller’s know that through the enjoyment of a town’s local cuisine, one seemingly tastes the very heart and soul of the place – and here on the Amalfi Coast, once you’ve tasted, the memory lingers and one’s only release is to return…or at least take some of the ‘know-how’ back with you to be re-created in your own kitchen.

‘La Cucina Divina’ arranges cooking experiences which are wickedly fun, informative and deliciously hands-on and without a doubt will be one of your most memorable holiday moments ever!


Depending on the size of the group and the nature of the experience you’re after, classes are either held in a home environment with Donna Clementina, a well-known local chef, or with Chef Salvatore at a local restaurant in Montepertuso, the small mountain village perched above Positano.


The magic ingredient in Amalfitan gastronomy is its absolute simplicity and authentic use of the freshest, seasonal produce available. Expect to prepare:

3 – 4 antipasti (starters). These would typically be a variety of vegetables (all organic and from their local garden) prepared in different ways, and something from the sea – for example alici marinate (marinated anchovies or anchovies filled with smoked mozzarella, crumbed and deep-fried), marinated swordfish or salmon;

2 primi piatti (first course – traditionally a pasta or other starch dish). We will make ravioli (filled pasta parcels) and the local handmade pasta called scialatielli, and 3 different sauces – frutti di mare (mixed shellfish), pomodori (fresh tomato) or other seasonal vegetable, like porcini mushrooms plucked from the pine-forest floor, or a meat sauce, such as a ragù;

2 secondi piatti(main course) – 1 fish dish, such as pesce al’ acqua pazza’ (fish in crazy water!) and 1 meat dish such as filetto con rucola e parmigiana

i dolci (dessert) a variety of desserts and/or pastries – this may be, for example, an orange tiramisù, or the most delicious pistachio, walnut, and almond biscotti.

If there are certain dishes you would particularly like to learn how to prepare, or are vegetarian, please allow us to put a more personalised menu together for you to accommodate your preferences.


Classes take place during the day, beginning at 10:00, and are approximately 4 – 5 hours duration, depending on the students knowledge and skill.


  • On arrival coffee and homemade biscuits and pastries are served and prosecco, the Italian bubbly flows throughout the lesson;
  • Homemade breads to snack on with fresh mozzarella and other mountain cheeses;
  • Wines to accompany the meal (you get to savour your culinary creations) which will be enjoyed in the restaurant terrace with a view to the sea, or from the terrace of Donna Clementina’s home overlooking Positano and the sea;
  • Coffee and local liqueurs at the end of the meal;
  • A manual with pertinent culinary information and enough space to write your recipes and any other notes;
  • A certificate of participation from the school;
  • A momento from the school;
  • Transport from Positano to Montepertuso and back is also included.



  1. Please can you let me know prices for the i day cooking class, thank you

  2. I will be in Positano in May 21 to 25.
    Do you have coocking class in those dates?
    Could I be included in a group?
    How much is the cost for 1 or 2 person?

    Thank you

    • Hi Fabiola,

      Thank you for your enquiry, and yes, a class is possible this week. Cost is €150/person.

      I will come back to you on exactly which days there is availability.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Amanda, I would like to inquire about cooking classes in or around Positano on either July 22nd or 23rd. What’s your email or what’s the best way to contact you? I would like to know re availability and cost for 2 adults and two kids. Thanks,

    • Buon giorno Natalie!

      Thank you for your enquiry regarding the cooking classes. They are loads of fun – and you’ll be able to roll back down to Positano after all the food!

      The course is hands-on, which I believe also adds a special aspect to the lesson, rather than standing around watching someone cook.

      Cost is €150 per person and includes transport from and to Positano (lessons are up in Montepertuso), coffee, water, prosecco during the lesson, vino and local liqueur with your meal.

      There is either a morning class, culminating in lunch, or an afternoon class which ends with dinner – all done on the terrace.

      Either day is fine at the moment so please let me know if you would like to go ahead and book.

      If so, please let me have the name of the hotel/b’nb/apartment where you’ll be staying and a contact number.

      Payment would be direct with the cooking school.

      What age are your children? If they’re littlies, I’m sure we can secure a lesser price for them.

      You can also contact me via e-mail:

      Kind regards,

  4. My kids are ages 7 and 12. Pls let me know re price. Also, what kinds of dishes do you offer to cook and how big is the class? Thanks!

  5. I am in Positano now until July 30. We are 5 women interested in a class. Is it possible? Thank you!


    • Morning Cate,

      Apologies, no chance to reply sooner! I’m envious you’re in magical Positano and I’m so far away in South Africa! I am waiting for confirmation if there’s a chance to do a lesson this afternoon – would you ladies still be available?


      • Hi Cate,

        Chef Salvatore has availability this afternoon, the 29th, if you ladies are still wanting to cook up a storm! Class would start at 15:00. Please confirm soonest and let me know if you need a transfer from Positano up to Montepertuso – the restaurant will send a car to collect you.

        Kind regards,

  6. We will be in postiano October 12 through 17 and would like to take a cooking lesson for 2

    • Hi Deedre,

      Thank you for getting in touch! A cooking lesson for two can certainly be arranged for you that week. Would you prefer a morning finishing off with lunch? Or an afternoon lesson finishing off with dinner? A complimentary transfer can be arranged to collect you from Positano and take you up to Montepertuso, and then take you back down again afterwards – would just need the name and address of where you’re staying and will let you know whether you can be collected from there or alternatively where the nearest rendezvous point would be.

      Lesson is Euro 150 per person.

      Let me know about the above and I will check with Chef Salvatore on availability.

      Warm regards,

  7. Hello, do you have availability for Wednesday the 27th August (tomorrow)? Am I able to join in on another class?

    Thank you

    Kind regards


    • Hello Kelly,

      Yes, there is availability but only for the afternoon. Class starts at 15:00. A complimentary pick-up from Positano can be arranged but would need to know where you’re staying so can advise whether you can be collected from there or alternatively what the nearest rendezvous point would be. Class is €150, which is payable directly at the restaurant with either cash or credit card. Please confirm soonest to arrange for you.

      Warm regards,

  8. Hello Amanda,

    Very short notice request if perhaps you had any space for two people this Wednesday the 22nd of October? My mother and I are inspired by the cuisine we have been eating here and thought it would be a great way to spend an afternoon here? Thank you. Do you have a phone number?

    • Buon giorno Sarah,

      Thank you for your enquiry. I will get back to this morning regarding availability, but should be okay for tomorrow. In the meantime, where are you staying in Positano so I can provide Chef Sal with that info to arrange a transfer for you both up to Montepertuso.


  9. Morning just heading to boat trip, so I will send details when we return once you know availability! Thanks for quick reply! Sarah

    • HI Sarah,

      Chef Sal has availability tomorrow afternoon, if you would like to do a cooking class. Their shuttle can collect you and your mom at 14:45 to take you up to Montepertuso, but I first need to know where you’re staying so can advise where the pick-up point would be.

      Cost is Euro 150 each. Class is about 4 hours and finishes off with you enjoying the fruits of your labour! They’ll take you back down to Positano afterwards.

      Let me know.
      P.S. Hope you had a beautiful day out on the Med!

  10. Saluti Amanda, thank you so much for your quick replies this sounds wonderful to join Chef Salvatore in Montepertuso! We are staying at the Posa Posa Hotel on 165 Via Pasetia – Sarah and Carol Main. When you provide confirmation, could you also please provide me with a phone number for Chef Salvatore or the company in general! By the way your Mediterranean was wonderful! Ciao Sarah

  11. Buon giorno! Glad you had a lovely day yesterday…glorious to experience the coastline from the sea. Which company did you go with, as a matter of interest?
    Right, lesson confirmed for this afternoon with pick-up from Hotel Posa Posa at 14:45. The landline number is: +39 089 875453. Enjoy! Oh, by the way, payment directly at the restaurant by credit card or cash.

  12. Buon Giorno perfect arrangement we shall be prepared accordingly.

  13. Let me know how it goes…and ‘Buon appetito’!

  14. Can you please tell me if there is one space for a class on any of October 29′, 30 or 31st. Also, is it possible for someone who doesn’t take the class to come for a meal at the end? We are staying at Villa Irina in Positano.

    Thank you

    • Buon giorno Deborah and thank you for your enquiry.

      I’m sure we’ll be able to accommodate you on one of those days and will confirm soonest. Yes, it is possible for someone to join you later and dine with you!

      Will be in touch soon.


      • Hi Deborah,

        How would Thursday or Friday afternoon suit you? Class starts at 15:00 (pick-up at 14:45 from Positano). Please let me know which and I’ll confirm.

        Kind regards,

  15. Hi Amanda: Thursday would be great. Does that mean my husband will be able to join us for dinner at the end of the class? Please let me know the cost and how we should pay. We are staying at Villa Irina at Via del Canovaccio, 15, Positano. It is close to Hotel Pasitea.

    Thank you, Deborah

  16. Hi Deborah,
    Perfect! I will confirm Thursday afternoon with Chef Sal, and yes, your husband is most welcome to join you for dinner afterwards. If he’d like to come and watch, that shouldn’t be a problem either.
    Cost is Euro 150 for the lesson and the fruits of your labour. You can pay directly there with credit card or cash.
    I will arrange for you to be collected from outside the Hotel Pasitea, if you’re close to that. The vehicle will be there at 14:45 to fetch you. Not sure which vehicle they’ll send for you, but the restaurant where you’re having the lesson is called Il Ritrovo. Their landline number is: 089 875453. They’ll bring you back down to Positano after dinner.

    Enjoy the food, the fun, the laughter and the wonderful people! And please let me know how you enjoyed it!

    Kind regards,

  17. Thanks Amanda – I will be there at 14:45.

  18. Hi Amanda,

    Hi, we are a group of 4 women staying in Positano 14/5/2015– 17/5/2015

    We want to do a cookery course on either the Friday 15/5 or sat 16/5 and wondered about availabilty and cost?

    many thanks

    Cath Greaves-Lord

    • Hi Cath,

      Thank you for getting in touch with me – I’m sure either of those dates Chef Sal will be able to accommodate your group of 4. There is either a morning (10:00 – 14:00) or afternoon class (15:00 – 19:00). Would you be averse to joining in with others who may have booked those dates? Or happy to join in and meet some other people? It’s great fun, relaxed, hands-on – let me know and I’ll check for you. Cost is Euro 150 per person and includes a return transfer from Positano and back afterwards, Italian sparkling wine and coffee on arrival, antipasti, primi, secondi and dolci – which you get to enjoy thereafter, local red or white wine with the meal, and bottled water.

      Kind regards,

  19. Hi Amanda,

    Our dates have now changes to 9 – 12 May , so we would be looking at classes on either Sunday 10th May or Monday 11th May.

    Happy to join in with others. We are staying at Casa Angelina – would that be local to the classes?

    I’ll check am or pm with my friends,

    many thanks


    • Hi Cath,

      Thanks for coming back to me. I will double-check with Chef Sal about the transfer (Casa Angelina is in the next town of Praiano) and get back to you soonest. He is in Brazil at the moment so won’t have an answer for a while.

      Monday would be better as Sundays are busy.

      Let me know whether a.m or p.m.

      Warm regards,

  20. Hi Amanda,

    Could we do morning on Monday 11 May?

    Let me know re transport when your chef gets back,

    many thanks


  21. Hi Amanda,

    We are away for the next couple of weeks, could you let me know re the cookery class Monday AM 11 May – we have transport to Positano from our hotel so we could be picked up from there?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Cath…all confirmed for Monday morning the 11th May. You will be collected from Casa Angelina so no worries on that score! Pick-up will probably be 09:30, but I will confirm that closer to the time. However, if you’re intending on coming into Positano earlier that morning in any case, then pick-up would be at 09:45 and let’s say opposite the pharmacy (Farmacia Rizzo), just along the road from Bar Mulini. There’s a low wall and place to sit and it’s easy enough for them to stop momentarily there to collect you. Please advise which would be your preference. Apologies, Chef Sal is still away in Brazil so not that easy to get hold of him!

      Warm regards,

  22. I am interested in possibly joining a class March 25-27th. Can you tell me the availability for two people?

    Thank you,

    • Dear Rina,

      Thank you for getting in touch with me about the cooking class – such fun! And you’ll be in Positano over the Easter weekend, which is a treat, what with the Easter processions through the town to witness!

      I’m happy to confirm that a class will be possible either the Friday or Saturday, so that will be either the 25th or 26th. The lesson can be done either in the morning (from 10:00 – 13:00 and enjoying the fruits of your labour thereafter), or in the afternoon (from 15:00 – 18:00 and dinner thereafter).

      Transfers from and to your accommodation in Positano are included and you’d be collected 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the lesson.

      Cost is Euro 150 per person which includes the hands-on lesson, cappuccino’s and biscotti on arrival, bottled water and prosecco during the lesson, and local wine and liqueurs with your lunch or dinner. Payment is made directly at the restaurant (credit card or cash).

      Please let me know if you would like to proceed and if so, which day and time-slot you would prefer. I would also need to know where you are staying so I can advise where the pick-up point would be (often not possible directly from the front door!).

      At this stage, there are no other bookings for a class as it’s low season, but trust me, you will have loads of fun regardless!

      Look forward to hearing from you!

      Kind regards,

  23. Hi we are interested in this class on the 6 or 7th of August for around 10 people. How much would this cost?

    • Hi Tara,

      Thank you for getting in touch with me. Are your clients already in Positano? Just confirming availability for tomorrow or Saturday and will get back to you asap.

      Kind regards,


  24. Hello! I came across your class and was wondering if you will be holding one on September 6 or 8th this year? And how much? It’s only me and my fiancée that are traveling.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thank you for getting in touch, and yes, I’m sure a class for the two of you can be arranged. Please give me a day or two and I will get back to you with what’s available.

      Kind regards,

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